Measurable Performance

Berner Food and Beverage knows that we serve at the good will of our customers. We listen and adapt ourselves to serve your needs. At Berner Food and Beverage the customer is king. We monitor our performance in the following ways:

1.  Quality Assurance is one area of intense focus. We monitor and track all products that do not conform to our standards. We then create a corrective action plan to find a solution so that mistakes are not repeated. Our operations team is committed to first quality product every time.

2.  Customer Care is another area of focus. We monitor our on time filled orders. Our logistics, sales and customer care team are committed to on time full orders every time.

3.  Efficient Production is another area of performance measurement at Berner Food and Beverage. We run special software within our production facility that monitors run rates and efficiencies. Our operations team strives daily to achieve the optimal run rates. This activity keeps our costs and your costs down.